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The deep hollow to your right seasonally can become a pond, and the term for this kind of water-body is ephemeral. This creates a very valuable ecological feature favoured by dragonfl ies, water beetles, and other aquatic invertebrates that take advantage of this fish free habitat.


Local people talk of this hollow being the location of an anti aircraft battery in World War II. In some years it is possible to find the common spotted orchid in the meadows here between June & August. The meadow on the left below the flowering Hawthorn has Common spotted orchid in some years. And directly on the right is the hollow that sometimes fills up with water

6076.Common Spotted Orchid Cherhill
Common Spotted Orchid Cherhill

The site is also a great place for stargazing and has been classified by ‘Dark Sky Discovery‘ (milky way class)

Waymark 2                                                                                               Waymark 4


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